Friday, September 11, 2009

Who Am I?

Ok, so one of my classes is an Interpersonal Communications course. One of the principles of communications is that "all your communication starts or ends with you." You code or encode things you reveal or receive/interpret through your own frame of reference. Anyway, to understand the role you play in your own communication, it helps to do a little self-discovery. Here was the assignment:
Consider this question: Who are you? More specifically, ask yourself this question TEN TIMES. Write your responses... It may be challenging to identify ten aspects of yourself. The Spanish writer Cervantes said, "To know the most difficult lesson in the world." ("Interpersonal Communication, Relating to Others,5th edition", Beebe, 34)

I Am...a daughter of God

I Am...curious.

I Am...talkative.

I Am...creative, I do things OUTSIDE the box.

I Am...kind & giving.

I respecter of persons.

I Am...positive (usually).

I Am...enthusiastic & playful

I Am...devoted, committed, loyal.

I Am...loving.


Ok... I admit, this was sort of hard at first. But then, once I got going, it was like the flood gates opened, and as I neared 10, all of a sudden I could think of ten more, and then ten more on top of that! But, I wanted to limit it to the assignment and stick to ten. Try it... see how you do.

Who ARE you???


Anonymous said...

I haven't thought about it for a while. In the middle of a project or goal the answer seems so obvious. Now that you mention it, I think it's time for some self re-evaluation.

Puphigirl said...

I am busy
I am a goal/list maker
I am silly
I am goofy
I am studious
I am sexy
I am mean
I am emotional
I am spiritual
I am an example

Deborah said...

I am a daughter of the creator and ruler of the universe--God Almighty.

I am a follower of Jesus.

I am a wife.

I am a wannabe mother.

I am a proud American.

I am a conservative.

I am a reader.

I am a homemaker.

I am concerned about my persecuted brothers and sisters throughout the world (

I am an introvert.

Man, that was hard!

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

This is cool....and I will be thinking about my list all day. But I gotta run right now and dont have time. Sorry.

Alice in Wonderland said...

I'm very out-going by nature, and I agree with you on a lot of these things, I would like to be more open about things that really annoy me, but I am always afraid incase I say something to upset someone. I'm silly and childish, I like to have fun, I enjoy my life, I love to blog and get to know people...even though some people may not like me. For example, I write on a lot of blogs, but I don't always get people to visit my blog. But, still I don't give up on anyone!

tadonn! said...

10.I am... loving
9. I am... a father
8. I am... a terrific listener
7. I am... a hard worker
6. I am... thoughtful
5. I am... a questioner
4. I am... respectful
3. I am... an observer
2. I am... trying to make myself a better person every day
1. I am... learning how to lean on others in times of need

purplehaze said...

I am a daughter of God
I am a wife
I am a mother
I am shy
I am kind(most of the time)
I am a good listener
Well this is pretty hard and can't think of anything else.

Susie said...

Today, I am exhausted:-)

Ashley said...

What are you studying? I was a Comm major (among other things) in Undergrad and this sounds familiar to a class I took called "Foundations of Human Communication".

Betty said...

I´ll list 5.
I am a good listener.
I am loving
I am an eager learner of new things.
I am emotional
I am an extrovert.

okeydokeyifine said...

first I could use the scout oath, or the 13th article of faith, or just sit in front of a mirror and see what comes to mind... No, that didn't work, it made me crack up. I could search my soul but then I would want to embellish and I don't think that a reality check is the same thing as coming off looking good. Usually people are tougher on themselves and not objective when it comes to this sort of thing. Sometimes I wish I saw myself as others see me. I agree with your list and think you are all those things and so much more. Love!

Paige said...

Hell if I know.

But even sadder--I used to teach that class at a major university.

Still don't know

springbubble said...

i am busy. yes i am
i am simple
i am shallow
i am sexy (in my own way!!)
i am introvert
i am strong
i am a good mother
i am nice to every one.
i am a good friend.
i am a dreamer

Neff III family said...

I am patient
I am disorganized
I am a tad lazy
I am not easily offended
I am low maintenance
I am a good sister
I am not a great housekeeper
I am a money saver
I am not a great wife
I am a daughter of God


Elise said...

Oh WOW, this is a great post & you have the most gorgeous site here. I had to stop by to leave this comment for you – and to say hello of course ! Your posts are creative and original and you have interesting pictures. It's all perfect ! Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes....

Megan said...

I have a hard time with these type of things. :0P

RhondaLue said...

I am a sister, daughter, wife, and mother.

I am a good friend

I am anxious when things aren't in their places.

I am usually positive and happy

I am loud.

I am funny.

I am smart in most areas, dumber than a brick in one area.

I am Faithful

I am overly compassionate...till it hurts sometimes.

I am a follower of Jesus.