Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One Dollar and Eight Cents

What's that saying? The first step to recovery is admitting you have an addiction? Yeah, well I am sure that is GREAT for those ADDICTS out there... But I AM NOT an addict... For real, I am not... No, I am not addicted to Diet Coke. Seriously.

I never drank it growing up. I don't buy it at the grocery store, cuz I do not want it in my house. I will say, however that when I used to work a late night shift, I needed a little extra "oomph" to get me going and keep me awake. While everyone else was chugging "Red Bull" and shooting Mountain Dew in their veins, I would drink Diet Coke.

Now that I am back in school, I find myself in a similar circumstance; trying to stay alert to get my work done. It's not the staying awake part that is the problem. I am an insomniac... I have that part down. But it's the staying alert enough to learn part that I have trouble with. Hence the Diet Coke (DC).

Now, as I previously mentioned, I do NOT have an addiction. I mean, can I help it if my neurologist said I should could have 1 a day? And it isn't my fault that due to the economy, McDonald's has decided to make all of their Large drinks $.99! So, I've been known to down a few DC's this past week, or two...or three.

Each night, sometime between 9pm and 11pm, I would make a run to the local McDonald's. And as usual, I take my order from the same worker. I always ask for a large DC, and he always responds with, "Ok. That will be One Dollar and Eight Cents."

On about day 3 of my after-8pm-diet-coke-run, I said to him (after he smiled like, "Oh - it's YOU again"), "So, are you tired of seeing me yet?"

He said in his somewhat thick Mexican accent, "Oh no... your addiction is good for business."

I said, "Addiction? I don't have an add-"

He looked at me like "don't deny it" so I said, "All right... but I need this for my school work at night."

Then as I gave him my money I said, "I feel like I should know your name or something; but you don't wear a name tag."

He said, "Oh.... it's a long name; hard for you to say probably." Then he started to spell it. "G-E-R-A-"

I cut him off, pronouncing it "Herardo?"

"YES!" he was excited, "You got it right!" he exclaimed.

I said, in my best Airplane movie jive talk, "My mama didn't raise no dummy." Then he asked me my name. I told him. Then he went on and on about how he thought it was a beautiful name.

I didn't know at that point whether or not to be creeped out or flattered by some 60 year Mexican McDonald Employee gushing on about my name.

So, when I went back (the next night of course), Gerardo was again working the drive-thru. I knew it was him, cuz he has this distinct voice. I said, "Hey Gerardo... It's me, Emma. I'll take the usual, and I know, One Dollar and Eight Cents".

When I got up to the first window to pay, he took my money and then said, "Uno momento, Chica..." and handed me my drink so that I did not have to wait at the second window... I guess I should be flattered. I mean that is some REAL customer service, right?

By the way, I do not think he got my Airplane reference...


greenolive said...

It's fun to be a regular, especially when perks such as not having to go to two windows are involved.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Thats a funny story. but dont get too cozy with the Diet Coke know it leads to other things, lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's kind of sweet.

Puphigirl said...

Hm. I am not a regular customer anywhere. But I remember working at Smucker Drug Store at it's soda shop and we had regulars that would order "the usual". So it is something for me to aspire to.

Susie said...

I love the "everybody knows your name" feeling:-)

Big Sis said...

That's a classic story!

tadonn! said...

Perspective from the other side of the counter/window... The hottie's back! Before they knew your name they had a nickname for you... probably...DC lady diet coke chick, Gerardo's GF, or something like that. They are probably just thankful you don't go crazy with half ice, shot of diet with a twist of lemon and no lid. You don't do that do you!

purplehaze said...

The money you spend you could probably buy a twelve pack I know you don't want it in your house and it wouldn't be as fun!

Two Blessings From Above said...

If you are going to be addicted to something Diet Coke is not a real bad thing. I usually have to have one in the morning right next to my cup of coffee. But, how do you sleep after drinking a Diet Coke at 9pm? I would be up till the next morning!

Megan said...

Haha!! That's awesome!!