Friday, August 28, 2009

Back To School Week

Well, it was "Back to School" week around my house this week. Although I have three kids in three different schools this year, they are at least all on the same schedule. This hasn't happened since 2005! Finally, no one is on a year-round schedule.

The main difference is that my oldest is up at the high school about an hour before my other two have to be at their schools. I did warn him however, that since we are now within reasonable walking distance, he WILL be walking to and from most days...up hill...both the snow...without shoes... hehehe. My middle one's school is only about a block, so he is definitely walking. So, my daughter is the only one that I will for sure have to drive each morning and each afternoon. Definitely not as crazy as last year.

Of course, with "Back to School" there are the usual anxieties on the first day. Figuring out just the right outfit to wear, how to fix your hair, wondering if you friends will be in your class, who you'll sit by at lunch, etc. And unlike most other days of the school year, the first day of class seems to be the only day that the kids are up and ready to go without me having to prod, and way before it's time too!

Of course, there was the typical first-day-of school meltdown. A certain someone didn't have the right shoes to match the carefully selected outfit, and was then worried that her friends wouldn't approve of her new haircut, and was also certain that EVERYONE was gonna call her 4-eyes. Now, something you should know... she goes up to a different school because she is in a G/T program called "Spectrum". These are the EXACT SAME KIDS from her 3rd grade Spectrum class! Did she forget she had glasses last year??? *sigh* Well, guess what... she made it through the first day and EVERYONE LOVED her haircut.

But, the first night of homework was another story. FYI...ALL the crayons at our house are "stupid" cuz they don't all have their labels on them anymore, and they are "old & crummy" which makes it "very hard to color Cutthroat trout for Utah Studies!"... just so ya know...

*I* have also just started my first day of school!!!

Yes, you heard me!!! I am back in school, baby! I am taking a Criminal Justice class, an Interpersonal Communications class and a Computer Information Systems class.

I *WILL* say that there was sort of an *incident* that involved tears and another bit of a meltdown (ME)... but I will save it for "Not Me Monday"... Sigh...

Anyone else have a rough "Back To School" start?


Susie said...

We have our Meet and Great today for K5. So, I will let you know if that is rough.

I will say, sending a child off to Spain was a lot harder than I expected. So, I am right there with you on that one!

Alice in Wonderland said...

My friends 3 1/2 year old daughter starts pre-school this next week too! And, although it is only mornings until January, you would think that she is going off on a journey around the world! It's all tears, on my friends part, but her daughter is really looking forward to it. She is a big girl now!!! And is so independent. Still, I'll be ready with the tissues and a shoulder to cry on...while I tell her that everything will be fine, but I know that I'll probably hide myself away and have a bit of a weep too!

Puphigirl said...

I don't start classes until Monday, but yesterday I bought my books. $390, OUCH!

Ronnica said...

Wow, quite the big first day of school! I hope you all are doing well!

purplehaze said...

Actually it went well this time! Have one grown up out on his own, one in high school, one in middle school. No problems in what they were wearing or their shoes. They both got hair trims and colored so they were good there. Hopefully it will keep going good!

Anonymous said...

Laughing about the crayons - my mother, it seems, was just as unsympathetic to my own dire crayon crisis as you are to your childrens. Man...just wait until they discover schools even use those anymore?

RhondaLue said...



(oh, that was just me having my meltdown. I need more tissues to deal with my *own* back to school problems)

crummy crayons really do suck. Check out the back to school sales because I bet you could find a pack for a quarter. lol