Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's Monday, once again. Which means it's time to tell you all of the things I did NOT do.

I did NOT have a very stressful week and I did NOT feel somewhat depressed and therefore I certainly did NOT miss reading everyone else's blog and leaving tons of bloggy-comment love. I do NOT plan on trying to catch up this week, as I do NOT enjoy reading your blogs and getting a good laugh or much needed inspiration.

I did NOT have my vehicle in the shop again, in preparation for our upcoming family exodus to Nevada where we will NOT be having our family reunion. I have NOT been excited for this reunion and it does NOT seem like forever before it comes. I do NOT totally miss my family and can't wait to spend time with them laughing and crying and having good old Miller Family Fun. And I certainly do NOT get all weepy thinking about how much I miss them.

I did NOT find a good home for the pooch after "interviewing" several candidates and did NOT feel sad to have to say good-bye. It did NOT make my children very sad and I did NOT have to have someone else drive me to drop her off as I did NOT need reinforcements. I did NOT feel like the worst mother in the world and I will NOT be posting about the Pooch later this week and tell you all about it.

I did NOT say good bye to my oldest for the week as he did NOT get to go to California on a Jazz Band trip and he did NOT get to hang out with his friends at Disneyland, Santa Monica and Six Flags. While he was gone it was NOT his 15th birthday, and I did NOT post some baby pics on Facebook and wish him a happy birthday so he and his friends would see them. I do NOT think the pictures are so totally adorable that I do NOT plan on devoting an entire post to them.

I did NOT feel super-stressed and somewhat depressed and lonely, and even un-lovable lately. I did NOT feel that I needed to have a certain discussion with someone whom I love very much. I did NOT pray about it ahead of time and try to be calm and rational. I did NOT say what I needed to say, and I am NOT at peace about things even though it means I will feel lonely and sad for a while. My heart does NOT feel broken all over again.

I did NOT read a book about feeling the love of the Lord daily in my life, and the book was not about an experiment on opening your heart and I will NOT be sharing more about the experiment this week, as it did NOT impact me that much.

I did NOT go back this past week and re-read my journals from the age of 8 all the way to just a few years ago. I did NOT enjoy reminiscing over my first love, rejoicing in my accomplishments, mourning over my struggles, and growing from the knowledge that I can do hard things. I do NOT plan to share any of that either in upcoming blog posts.

I also do NOT want to thank my bloggy friends for noticing my disappearance from commenting on your blogs and for checking in on me and wishing me well. This is just one other reason I do NOT enjoy blogging.

So, what did you NOT do this week?


Cindy said...

I did not lay around Fri., Sat., and Sun. with an ear infection.

Debbi said...

Oh Em, seems like you have some GREAT upcoming posts I can't wait to read.

And, fwiw, I'm sorry you had to go on 'inspiration' and have that talk. I hope you won't be too sad, but breaking of hearts is kinda hard like that. I understand the 'lonely' factor, and want you to know I love ya. Not the same-- I knOW! But I do.

Puphigirl said...

I did NOT get rained out at a city festival and we did NOT get 75mph winds and we did NOT lose power. I did NOT get to go home earlier than expected and take a much needed rest.

Kaye Butler said...

Oh, I got some NOT crap for ya. As you did NOT send your's off to Jazz Band thingy I did NOT welcome mine home with open teary eyes to NOT BE TOTALLY IGNORED LIKE DISEASE in church, in front of EVERYONE as in at least a congregation of 500 or more.

I did NOT totally embarrass her by suggesting she sit by me during service because we missed her.

I did NOT find out that while in ROAM (not the city thank you very much, been there, explained that too many times) I did NOT find out that she had been calling all her little friend while on this trip and some of the friends WERE THERE with her.

I did NOT find a strange number on her cell to which she MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT RESPOND...someone jacked my phone and called that number. FOUR DAYS IN A FREAKIN ROW? Think NOT.

She did NOT ask to go on a mission trip to AFRICA. I say, I'm not ready for you to leave the USA. To which she DID NOT REPLY, I've already left the USA. WHEN??? She did NOT say When I went to Alabama.

She is NOT in love with a boy she's never seen just heard about and already misses him more than her family.

I leave you with that.

RhondaLue said...

I did NOT go camping and post great pics today on my OWN Not Me Monday.

I have NOT missed you. I also have NOT been good about sharing the bloggy love. I do NOT think you are amazing even when you're raining inside.... I do NOT look forward to all these blogs you do NOT plan on doing!

Susie said...

I did NOT do yard work and make a cake this weekend. That doesn't sound like me does it? Hee, hee, hee.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I did NOT watch it rain and rain and rain and feel my sunny disposition go with the clouds. I think that is just life right now. We all need to sun cuase when everything else in your life is down, if the sun is out it is not that bad....right?

Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

I have to tell you something about God: HE LOVES YOU!!! just like he loves everyone else. for me, HE shows this by simply letting me wake up, and being ALIVE. Also, I get to see my baby bunny. Sounds like you have fun/inspirational posts coming up. I was thinking about doing something along the lines of 'inspiration' as well, but i'm not copying you, I swear.

kanaboke said...

I Did NOT hear back from our Realtor that our first house fell through and certainly did NOT stress about that! We did NOT find another home that day, make an offer and get the contract written up and accepted by that evening. It certainly was NOT a stressful weekend for us...hehehe!

P.S. I love you Emma!

Ruthykins said...

well, i certainly did NOT spend so much time on facebook that i ignored all my usual internet haunts this past week. i did NOT have about 20 blogs to catch up on today. my son did NOT pee so hard it went right out of the toilet onto the floor. i did NOT feel reminiscent of college this week when i realized that something is NOT happening now just like it didN'T happen then. i will NOT call you later and tell you about it.

Anonymous said...

Not the van again?! Hope that gets cleared up soon.