Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me Monday

Let's see...what did I NOT do last week??? Hmmm...

I did NOT throw my lower back out so much that I was almost in tears and had to make an impromptu appointment with my Chiropractor. He did NOT pop it back into place and I did NOT feel it all the way up my spine and down to my toes when he did. He did NOT make it so I could walk again without being reduced to tears and he did NOT tell me to take it easy as it would still be tender for a few days. I then did NOT proceed to alternate Heat & Ice and pop some Aleve to help with the pain. This ordeal did NOT make me feel OLD! Ugh!

I did NOT get to watch the Season Premier of Burn Notice at Big-D's for which I was NOT grateful as it is NOT like my favorite show ever and I do NOT think Jeffrey Donovan's character Micheal Weston is like NOT totally hot and I do NOT want to be Fiona who is his gun-happy, loves-to-blow-up-things, bomb-expert girlfriend. Watching this show did NOT then prompt me to have a dream that night in which I was NOT a spy trying to follow someone to the airport before their flight and did NOT stress over making it back to work (aka, my "cover") to meet my client who is NOT high-maintenance. I do NOT think I had this dream, in part because of the show, but also because said High-Maintenance client was NOT being extra difficult this past week, questioning everything we did and making obnoxious demands, which did NOT cause me extreme stress.

I did NOT attend a birthday lunch for FunnyMan and the offspring's other parental unit was NOT there, which was NOT uncomfortable for me, and I did NOT do my best to avoid looking in his direction and simply focus on the off-spring.

I did NOT get to use my Mikado's gift card and invite Big-D to go eat sushi with me. He did NOT say that sounded good and therefore we did NOT go and partake of the divine Las Vegas Roll, Philadelphia Roll and Connect Roll, in addition to some divine shrimp appetizer with nummy-nummy sauce. No, we did NOT. While there, I also did NOT get to vent to Big-D about some of the moronic things the other parental unit of my off-spring recently said and/or did which was not pure entertainment for both of us as we did NOT laugh. And I certainly did NOT laugh so hard I cried.

PrettyPrettyPrincess and I also did NOT have the following conversation:

PPP: Mom, what is PMS?
ME: Well, when a girl hits puberty, she starts having periods --
PPP: Ok, ok, ok! Never mind! I don't want to know.

Apparently, she does NOT know more than I thought.

I did NOT say goodbye to FunnyMan as he left for the Jazz Band trip to Disneyland this week. I am NOT surprised he got to go as he isn't even in the jazz band! He did NOT do some fast-smooth talking to the Best-Friend's mom, who did NOT have connections and somehow he did NOT manage to get the band director to agree to letting him go along. I did NOT tell FunnyMan to hit up the other parental unit for spending green, as my excess fundage is NOT depleted. I do NOT hope he has a good time and does NOT do his best to behave himself.

I did NOT download some pics of me on my little league teams on Facebook and I did NOT engage in several FB chats with friends from back home. I did NOT stay up late and I did NOT engaged in so much chat, I did NOT get the following warning: "You have reached your chat message limit. You are temporarily blocked from sending chat messages. Block times may vary depending on the feature and scale of abuse. Blocks cannot be lifted. Misuse of Facebook's features may result in your account being disabled." I did NOT share that in my FB status bar and include the following "warning" of my own: I am not a security threat, people...just an insomniac! lol!

And now, I am NOT gonna give a shout-out to my sister, GreenOlive who did NOT just have her FIFTH child, which was NOT a girl. After having four boys, I am sure this was NOT a shocker.

Oh, and by the way, I did NOT check on my potted plants, and both the School-Project Lettuce and "Poop Tomatoes" are doing well...

So, what did YOU not do this week?


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh-what is pms, lol!

Sushi! Yum!

Cindy said...

Congrats Auntie !!

She is smart not to want to know about PMS!

Kaye Butler said...

Okay. I DID NOT send my baby off for 10 days. I DID NOT cry when she left and for 20 mintues after that. Taylor DID NOT call Tim and tell him that she thinks somethings bad wrong with Kaye Kaye cause she won't stop crying just cause MM left. I DID NOT cry everytime she called so far. I DID NOT have to listen to her cry last night all homesick for her Kaye Kaye. I WILL NOT cry today. I HAVE NOT already cried today. I DO miss my baby.

Oh, I DID NOT get a new 12 year old bassett hound.

Debbi said...

I did NOT laugh when you wrote "offspring's other parental unit". Hahah.

Oh Em. I just love you!

Susie said...

I always love to hear what you are not doing:-)

RhondaLue said...

Oh my goodness! You have NOT been up to a lot lately! Burn notice was totally NOT my dad's favorite show. I am NOT devastated we had to cut the dish and don't get USA anymore. I did NOT use the time watching as sort of a therapy for NOT missing my pops.

I am NOT inspired to go do my own NOT ME MONDAY post right now. Do NOT go check it out in a while! ;)

okeydokeyifine said...

I did not go to the dentist this am to have a prep for a crown. My mouth is still not numb and I did not go visiting teaching to see a lady who just had surgery and we did not laugh as I did not drool all over the place.

I am not taking my granddaughter visiting teaching with me after lunch to see another lady. We will not take her flowers for her birthday and hopefully not make her day a little brighter.

Said Granddaughter is not crying because I cannot find the right Yo Gabba Gabba... I guess it is not time to go. Bye

Puphigirl said...

I did NOT smoke meat for Eagle Mountain's Pony Express Days, and I did NOT eat way too much carnival food.

Ruthykins said...

i did NOT have my daughter go somewhere with my mom today so that i could relax just a little bit and i did NOT feed my sister's dog marshmallows, as i am NOT a total softy when it comes to dogs sitting nicely looking at me.

kanaboke said...

I Heart Not Me Mondays!!!