Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Me Monday

Last week I did NOT skip working out everyday but one, because I was NOT simply busy. I did NOT use my super-sleuthing skills to search out and find the story and the people behind the love letters found in the attic and I do NOT plan to blog about it later this week.

I did NOT attend two trainings at work and one was NOT taught via a lame-o conference call, and I certainly did NOT send scoffing messages to a handful of others in the company about the idiotic training we were receiving as it was totally NOT a waste of my time, and I totally did NOT have other stuff I needed to be working on. I did NOT make the others laugh, and it certainly was NOT brought up again during the training held later that night.

Once again I did NOT stay up too late chatting with friends from back home on Facebook and I do NOT plan on doing more of that this week. I simply do NOT enjoy catching up with them. I also did NOT spill my guts out to other friends via Facebook chat, and knowing me, I probably will NOT do that again either.

I did NOT leave early Saturday morning to drive All.The.Way.To.Logan. to attend a temple session because a bunch of girls did NOT talk me into joining them on their "tour of temples" this summer. Afterwards we did NOT find a good place to eat lunch and we did NOT have ourselves a little girly time.

Sunday, I did NOT get to sleep in a little before going to a meeting at church and I did NOT get to enjoy the adult Sunday School class because they did NOT get someone else to play for the Primary Children's singing time, to which I am NOT so totally grateful (only because I have NOT felt like my cup needed some spiritual filling-up).

Oh - and I did NOT spend tons of time at Big-D's again, and I did NOT watch the Boston Marathon with him, and I certainly did NOT laugh so hard I cried when the sports commentator mentioned the athelete's "Genital Defects"!!! And I am NOT laughing all over again about it right now as I write this. Even Big-D did NOT laugh hysterically before asking, "what IS the word he was looking for?" and I did NOT laugh so hard that I couldn't breathe before getting a hold of myself and saying "Congenital". It was sooooo NOT funny.

So...what did you NOT do?


mrbusdr said...

I hope you did NOT eat at the Bluebird in Logan. If you did, you would NOT leave hungry.

Ruthykins said...

i was certainly NOT jealous that you got to go to logan, as i do NOT think it is a darling little town that i did NOT used to live in. and if i had gone i would definately NOT have eaten at the bluebird because i do NOT think it has the best food or the best prices in town.

Susie said...

I am not totally scared today that my husband is not quitting smoking today.

Yaya said...


Cindy said...

I was NOT happy with my mom's test results!

Hey, thanks for your kind words.
Sometimes just getting the "load off your shoulders helps you to see the light", if you know what I mean.

greenolive said...

I did NOT have a great weekend and I did NOT make a ton of Jell-o last night, which the boys and I did NOT totally pig out on.

Debbi said...

HAHAHAHAHAH. Genital disease. That's awesome.

I am totally NOT feelin' ya on the spiritual cup filling-up-edness need. I hated having a primary calling for that exact reason!

Anna said...

I did NOT speak at a Stake Fireside on Virtue and my husband certainly did NOT very randomly go out on Friday night and buy a new
4-wheeler. Oh... and my extended family is NOT falling apart because in the last 2 months my sister and my twin brother have both decided to get divorced. and I have not become the Go-To person for my whole family. I also did NOT eat a huge bowl of Strawberry Shortcake last night at 10:30... don't you worry because... Strawberries doused in sugar, whip cream, and white cake is NOT good for me... :) wow that feels pretty good when you put it that way!

RhondaLue said...

I did NOT stay up half the night taking care of gross, coughing, sick little kids.

And it's definitely NOT my husbands birthday today! He's certainly NOT getting old and he does NOT have gray hairs in his facial hair when he has it.

He is definitely NOT going to get a buttload of cheesecake today.

Puphigirl said...

I did NOT pig out eating 5 cookies last night. I did NOT rent the movie Seven Pounds and I did NOT totally cry at the end.

Blue Castle said...

Gential defects? Oh that one is hilarious. My husband is running a marathon in about 2 weeks - I hope he doesn't have any issues like this. :)

kanaboke said...

You are soooo NOT genius!! I Loved Reading This!