Thursday, March 26, 2009

Theme Party Thursday: Football Party (outdoors)

Invites: When I did this, I photo-shopped my kids face onto clip art of a football player.

Are You Ready For Some Football??? 16...22...34...Hike!
Join us for (child's name)'s Birthday Football Frenzy!!!
Location: (Last Name) Family Stadium
Game Day: (date)
Game Time: (time)
Forfeits only: (phone).

Come Dressed in uniform as a player or cheerleader.

As the guests arrived we greeted them by painting black lines under their eyes, like the pros.

Kick-off Contest. Everyone is given a flag with a number on it. (We used the gardening flags from the home improvement store. Like the construction companies use on empty lots.) Give each kid a turn to kick the football, and then place their flag where the ball lands. The one who kicks the farthest wins.

Quarterback Toss. Each player takes a turn to toss the football through the hula hoop, which is held by an adult. If they make it through they can get a prize.

Yard Line Dash. (For this game, we used white spray paint to make "yard lines" in our back yard). On each yard line scatter various wrapped candy. Each player is given a goody sack. When the "coach" blows the whistle, everyone runs to the 10 yard line and grabs as much candy as possible, then runs back. Then on the next whistle, everyone dashes to the 20 yard line and grabs candy. This process is repeated up to the 50 yard line.

Of course, after the games, we just let the kids play football. The girls had fun standing on the side lines and cheering them on.

Food: Hot dogs, chips and juice pouches (aka "sports drinks")

Party Favors: the candy and prizes from the games and then maybe a little foam football and silver coach whistle.


Blog Stalker said...

Being the big American football fan that I am, this is one of my favorite party ideas for little boys. And the food is easy too!

Have a great day

Anonymous said...

You are way too creative!

Susie said...

Cool!! Simple and fun!

Ashley said...

I bet the kids love this!

Mrs. S said...

VERY cute! Need a football field cake, though!!