Thursday, January 29, 2009

Theme Party Thursday: SuperHero Party

Invites: Download superheroes from the Internet and make your own invites or use scrapbook paper and superhero stickers.

Calling all Super Friends!
Come help keep the planet safe during (child's) birthday party!
At The (last name) Hall of Justice
Regrets Only, (ph #)
Please come dressed as your favorite Super Hero!

Decorations: Use pages from comic books or coloring books and place around the room. Also take paper or poster board and cut into dialogue-balloon shapes with phrases used in superhero comic books like "Bam!" "Kerplow" "Holy Popcorn!", etc. Also use any superhero thing your child already owns for decor.

Games/Activities: (Choose about 3)

Web Blasting - Have guests stand in a circle. Take a big ball of white string or yarn and have one person roll it around their waist once and then toss the ball of string to someone else. (You can also learn names as you toss the string.) Continue in this fashion until the group has created a Web. The fun continues as they try to untangle themselves.

Kryptonite Pass Use a medium-large size WHITE or sparkly Rock or ball as the Kryptonite. Have guests sit in a circle and play like hot potato. Play music from The Incredibles soundtrack (check your local library) and when the music stops, the one holding the kryptonite is out. Continue playing until there is one player left - the winner!

Batcave Brigade Let each guest make a paper airplane out of black paper (a.k.a. a bat mobile). Then have a hula hoop that's been wrapped with black streamers (the "batcave") or a big black basket or bin. Let each guests take a turn to see if they can get their bat mobile to land safely in the batcave.

Incredible Hulk Stomp Blow up green balloons, one for each guest. Have a race to see who is the first one that can pop their balloon.

Cat Woman Walk: (like a cake walk) Have more than enough paw-prints per guest taped to the floor. Each paw print has a number. Play music and have them march around. When the music stops, they each have to stand on a paw print. Then you draw a number out of a hat. Whoever is standing on that number gets to pick a prize from the prize table. Continue until everyone has had a chance to win.

Superhero Surprise Visit: If you know an adult that has a superhero costume of his own, see if you can get him to come and make a surprise appearance at the party. Be sure to get the kid's pics with him too!

Food: There are all sorts of prepackaged superhero snacks out there. You could also serve "The Incredibles Superhero Sub Sandwiches". Make deli sandwiches using french bread loaves and sliced lunch meat/deli meat. You can probably get 8 (kid-sized) sandwiches out of each loaf.

Party Favors:
You can get all sorts of things for take homes. Check your local dollar store as well. Superheros include Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, The Incredibles, The Xmen, Hulk, Bolt, etc. If you do the "Cat Woman Walk" game, then save that game for last and use the party favors as their prizes.

Be Sure to get lots of pictures as the guests are sure to be cute all dressed up as superheroes!


Cindy said...

I love the cat walk...Emma, I'm going to tell my sister about all your ideas. She still has little ones :)

Lisa Human: Human Touch Designs said...

Great ideas! I have an almost-10-year-old and we pick a theme each year... I like the idea of mixing a bunch of different superheroes rather than just a Batman or Spiderman party!

Jenners said...

Hi--I was just stopping to check out your blog since you visited mine yesterday via BATW and this post just caught my eye! What great ideas! I'm going to print this out as my 4-year-old is starting to get into superheroes and these are just wonderful ideas for a future party! I'll print it out now because I'll never remember where to find this in the future! Great post!

Susie said...

Another cool idea:-)

greenolive said...

Thanks, now Dougan and Brandis can have an awesome party!