Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Bunny Say What?

My neighbor received a Happy Bunny desk calendar for Christmas. Here's a page from the other day:
"Hate is just a special kind of love we give to people who suck."

If you're not familiar with Happy Bunny, then you're missing out my friends. Happy Bunny is great because he/she says things I always think but would never have the guts to say myself. I will say however, that repeating some of Happy Bunny's quotes in my mind while I am irritated with Plebs is quite therapeutic. Here are a few of my favorite Happy Bunny quotes:

"Please Die."
"You're ugly, and that's just sad."
"Please go suck someplace else."
"It's cute how you think I'm listening."
"Wake me when the boring's over."
"You could talk to me, but then where would we put the barf?"

If I could write my own Happy Bunny quotes, here are some I might add:

"My favorite part about Teamwork is when everyone else does what I say."
"No thanks. I don't care for your flavor." (when you see someone approaching that you don't want to talk to.)
"I think they have help for that."
"I've had fun before. This isn't it."
"If I throw a stick, will you leave?"
"And you wonder why you're still single?"
"Everyone's entitled to a little stupidity now and again, but now you're just abusing it."

What about you? What does your Inner Happy Bunny say/wanna say?


Debbi said...

SHUT THE EF UP!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Happy Bunny! Like, would date him. And make lots of little ecstatic bunnies!

I have a few others you missed:
"You smell like butt" (on my rear-view mirror HB airfreshener)
"When life gives you lemons, squirt the juice in the eyes of your enemies" (on my fridge-magnet notepad)
"It's all about me" (on a pair of HB jammies)
"I'm not spoiled, I deserve all my stuff" (Christmas thank-you cards I'm sending this year)

My OWN inner Happy Bunny:
"Not everybody gets to be pretty"
"Did you really think that shirt looked good on you?"
"Your parents love you because they have to."

RhondaLue said...

I would say all those you said and possibly:

Step out of my zone or I'll sound my alarm

Is being nosey an inherited thing or did you just develop that one on your own?

Paige said...

I am all about the Bunny-- there have been times I was sure I actually was the bunny. I had an intern give me a happy bunny book thing years ago , and every day someone in the office changes it to say the theme of the day.

it is great

I will have to think about what I would say--the bunny has already covered so much

Ruthykins said...

i love the happy bunny. he spreads love and joy everywhere he goes.

Vickie said...

"Can you be stupid someplace else?"

"Hey you, off my planet!"

That sounds like a great calendar.

The Willeyes said...

I love the Happy Bunny! I have a notepad on my filing cabinet with the "It's cute how you think I am listening to you" on it. I love should start your own about the Happy Dog or something :) I'll have to think what mine would say!

Susie said...

I love "Please go suck someplace else". My favorites sayings are "Get off my planet!" and "You must be working stupid today" or "why didn't you call in stupid?"

Jennifer Rae said...

I think my Happy Bunny would just ignore people!

Julie said...

Love it! My Happy Bunny magnet on my fridge says, "Eat Right, Exercise Hard, Die Anyway!" How can you argue with that? And the other one I enjoy-"Let's keep notes on who's pissing us off!"

I'm sure there will be many more HB's for you to post later. I'll keep them for you! Today's says, "I admit it, I have a glitter abuse problem!"