Saturday, January 17, 2009


Driving in car on way to drop kids off at school. Come to stoplight. Perfect time to plug in some tunes.

Me: [scrolling thru iPod] Hmm. Who shall I listen to today?

Me: I guess I'll just stick with my boyfriend.

PrettyPrettyPrincess: Mom! John Mayer is NOT your boyfriend.

Me: Well, he could be if he returned any of my calls.

[FunnyMan Laughs]

PrettyPrettyPrincess: Mom!

Me: I've tried to explain, it's called "Dating" not "Stalking".

[FunnyMan laughs again]

PrettyPrettyPrincess: [eyes rolling] Oh Brother!


Debbi said...

Ooooh! I have a boyfriend too! My hubby knows this, and, thankfully, he's okay with it.

My boyfriend, Trevor Guthrie. He doesn't know it yet, but we've been together for a good few years. mmmm

okeydokeyifine said...

My boyfriend is Al Borlin, you know, the tool man's side-kick. He is hot with that beard. He has a very cute smile and twinkling eyes. Now if I had met him first and I was about a dozen years younger and a lot prettier... oh who am I kidding, I got the man of my dreams. The old farmer!

greenolive said...

Tony's "boyfriend" is Glenn Beck. I like to call him Tony's best friend. I don't have a boyfriend yet but I do have a crush on Simon Pegg.

RhondaLue said...

Jason Mraz is my bfriend...oh and jack bauer! (bower? Maybe If I could spell it right he'd return my calls) oh well

Susie said...

I love John Mayer...but just as a friend:-)

The Willeyes said...

Good luck with that :)