Friday, November 28, 2008

Would You Rather...

Ever played that game "Would You Rather...?" Y'know the one; You are given two HORRIBLE choices, and you HAVE to choose one - no exceptions. The other night I roped Big-D into playing this. Perhaps it was the Night-Time, Make-You-Drowsy Cold Medicine that made it particularly enjoyable. Nonetheless I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

I figured why not permit my "bloggy fans" the same degree of entertainment? So, for your bloggy pleasure this is today's segment of Festive Fridays with Fun on the Blog - here we go! Just leave your answers in the comment forum.


1) Poop your pants in public OR Have someone throw up on you?

2) Make out with Ted Kennedy OR Verne Troyer?
(or for the opposite sex, you can pick between Roseanne Barr or Rosie O'Donnell)

3) Eat a bowful of worms OR Lamb's Fry (click here to see what Lamb's Fry is)?

4) Be stranded on a deserted island Alone OR with someone you hate?

5) Lose your Arms OR your Legs?

6) Have 1 billion dollars OR find your true love?

7) Never have a hot shower OR never be able to sleep?

8) Hit your thumb with a hammer or shoot your big toe with a nail gun?

9) Go a whole day without brushing your teeth or without wearing deodorant?

10) Play this game or get back to work?


Kim & Danny said...

I've never been the first person to leave you a comment, but because I'm one of those crazy people who like to go shopping at 4 in the morning I'm already up and about. So here you have it, I would rather....
1. have someone throw up on me, at least that would be my fault and the embarassment will be mostly on the other person.
2. don't know who either of those people are.
3. I'd definatly have to eat the lamb testicles.
4. I'd rather be with someone I hate, It would give me something to do. I'd have fun trying to sabotage them.
5. Lose my legs, Then I'd still be able to do things for my self and kids.
6. I already found my true love so give me the billion dollars.
7. I think I'd have to take the cold showers, I'm a grouch when I don't get my sleep.
8. Hitting my thumb with a hammer would be a little less painful.
9. I'd go with out the deoderant, hopefully that would be in the winter time.
10. Definately play this game!!

ladyfi said...

Too funny.. and horrible! I would rather play this game but must get back to work now.

TravAndToni said...

Happy Black Friday!

1. I'd much rather be thrown up upon. As a matter of fact, I have been, and it wasn't anywhere near as awful as I imagine pooping myself would be.

2. If we're talking young Ted Kennedy, then him. But if we're talking old Ted, then I'd pick Verne right up and give him the smooch.

3. Worms. *shudder* Yeah, worms.

4. I'd love to have my arch nemesis deserted with me. What a great way to fill up the long hours!

5. I'd lose my legs. I'm alreay good at sitting around on my rear.

6. True love, and since I've found that, does that mean no billion for me? Drat.

7. Never sleep. I'm a bad sleeper already, so it would be par for the course.

8. I'd rather shoot my toe with a nail gun. Then I could sit around on my rear. :)

9. Oh, tough choice. I hate stinky smells... I'd have to choose going without deoderant.

10. Of course I'd rather be playing this game... I can do it will sitting around on my rear!

andrea said...

Gosh, I just can't opportunity to slack off @ work!!!

1) I have actually pooped my pants in public (just a smidge, and it was a REALLY bad IBS moment) and do you mean adult vomit? 'cause my kids have puked on me many a time.
2) Is Verne Troyer the midget? (sorry, little person)...didn't he commit suicide? I'd still pick him over Ted Kennedy any day. He doesn't have a head, he has a case for a head.
3) Lamb's fry...testicle or not, at least it is cooked...and fried.
4) A.L.O.N.E. although it would be a fantastic way to kill your hated person without punishment.
5) For sure lose my legs...if you have no arms it would be hard to do A LOT. Not to mention the cost of pedicures because everyone would be fascinated by you performing tasks with your feet.
6) I'm gonna be gooey and say I have my true love, so bring on the moola!
7) Sleep is number #2 behind sex, so I guess I'll have to warm up in bed after my cold shower.
8) Nail guns are freaky...I'd rather hit my thumb with a hammer than impale my toe with a nail.
9) I'm totally OCD about my teeth, and fresh breath and all I'll spread a little body odour around.
10) Who wants to work on Friday?
Smell you later!!!

The Willeyes said...

1. Have someone throw up on me
2. UUUGH! I just threw up in my mouth
3. Worms!
4. Someone I hate
5. Seriously...I guess legs
6. 1 Billion Dollars..I already found him:)
7. No hot shower...I need sleep
8. Thumb
9. can just spray some more perfume on, right? :)
10. Play this game for sure:)

jewelstreet said...

That is hilarious!

Hmmm. I'd much rather play this game, but unfortunately, I have to get back to work. And, a child driving me up the wall.

purplehaze said...

1. Have someone throw up on me
2. Ted I guess
3. Oh I am gagging worms no way I will go with the lamb.
4. I like to be alone, but I think on a an island I would rather have someone I hate with me.
5. Legs I think because you still can get around and be indenpendent
6.Already found my true love, so a billion dollars
7. Cold showers
8. Hitting my thumb with a hammer
9. Oh this is a hard one I would say deordorant.
10. This was fun!

debilyn said...

oooohhh! i love games =)
darling daughter & i spent an hour in line at jo ann fabrics today so she could get the stuff to make her boyfriend a blanket for we played games to pass the time and had the people in front of us and behind us rolling with laughter. (we're very "rory and lorelai"...unfortunately for the rest of the world!)


1. definitely the vomit..i'm all for someone else's humiliation over my own
2. i'd pick either of the roseannes over ted kennedy
3. i'm thinkin the worm would be a whole lot easier and quicker to just swallow without chewing
4. alone. just give me a supply of books.
5. legs
6. true love
7. cold showers get used to insomnia
8. give me the hammer/thumb
9. compulsive teeth brusher here...i could never give that up
10. this game, of course!

Kaye Butler said...

Worked exhausted me this game.

1. Have someone throw up on me. The other, I can only imagine, would feel gross and make me throw up, so, technically, I would end up with both anyway.

2. I don't know Verne Troyer, and are we talking young Ted Kennedy?

3.Lambs Fry -my grandfather's family owned a meat packing company, I've already had it.

4.Love to be on an Island with someone I hate...I LOVE DRAMA.

5.Legs cut off, I NEED my hands. I have a brother who lost a leg in a motorcycle accident (his fault). one true love...who is a billinoaire I'm sure

7. Never sleep...I'm already sleep deprived...I NEED MY SHOWER TIME.

8.Thumb, my brother does construction, I fear air nailers.

9. Hello, can not stand to have dirty teeth....go without deodorant

10. Play this game of course, who wants to work?


RhondaLue said...

Funny you mention this game. We played that with Ben, my 7 yr old for quite a while on our car trip last weekend. Apparently he'd rather eat animal guts/organs every day of the week over getting a hug or kiss by a female teacher or even mom in FRONT OF HIS FRIENDS. He'd also rather eat cowpies over doing his chores. Yah..right!!!!

1. I'd poo my pants. At least I could make a quick escape without anyone knowing. Adult barf smell is just too much.

2. I think I'd prefer either Rosie or ROseanne but I don't play for the other team like dat...just so ya know. Ted is just grosser than gross. (sorry ted!)

3. Lamb balls all the way

4. I'd rather be with someone I hate. We could choose to isolate ourselves but I think likely it'd make someone fast friends if they were in that sort of situation together. I don't really hate anyone anyway so maybe that's easy for me to say.

5. I guess my legs. AWFUL question!

6. I have my true love already so bring on the billion, baby!

7. Who needs a hot shower? Sleep all the way!

8. :shivers: hammer and thumb I s'pose!

9. I'll skip the deodorant. Good Revenge on the person I hate while on the island, eh?

10. This game of course!

Vickie said...

1. Have someone throw up on me, it is less embarassing.
3.Yikies, Lambs Fry
4.Be alone.
5.I would lose my legs.
6.I would want true love.
7.I would let go of hot showers
8.Hammer my thumbs
9I would go without deodorant
10. Play this game.

Vicki said...

I'll answer some of them!
1) Definitely have someone throw up on me.
2) I have no idea who Verne Troyer is.
3) Yuck
5) legs
6) true love
7) never have a hot shower
8) hit my thumb with a hammer
9) miss wearing deoderant
10) play this game, of course!

Carol said...

Love this game:
1. Be thrown up on. It is in style over here right now in our house anyhow.
2. I don't know who the 1st one is so I'll skip this one.
3. Worms, preferably cooked.
4. Alone!
5. Legs
6. True love every time, preferably he'd be a millionaire.
7. Never shower
8. Gotta be the hammer.
9. Without deodorant.
10. Definitely the game, even though 'work' is preparing sharing time for church this afternoon.

Susie said...

1. least it's mine.

2. Ted Kennedy.

3. worms

4. alone

5. legs

6. true love

7. Never shower (I can't deal without sleep)

8. Thumb/hammer

9. brushing teeth.

10. Play this game:-)