Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dream Diagnosis Anyone?

As far as I can remember I have always had dreams. Not like the "I have a dream today" type dreams, though I do have hopes and dreams. To what I am referring are night-time sleeping dreams. I have always had vivid dreams and remember most of them. If you think my mindless musings are peculiar (at best) when I'm awake, then you can only imagine how unconventional my subconscious notions can be.

About a year ago, when I was visiting with my counselor, we talked a lot about dreams. She said that many experts would encourage one to run out and purchase the newest Dream Dictionary. However, she advised that dreams really only mean something to the person that has them. In this case me - and that if I really thought about it, I could totally figure out the significance of the dream. This concept seemed right up my alley, as I love to over-analyze things.

Needless to say, over the last year I have had ample opportunity to analyze plenty of my weird dreams. Many times I can totally figure out why I dreamt about a certain event or a certain person, or perhaps even the overall symbolism of the dream. However, last night seemed to be an exception. I truly can't figure this one out. Here goes...

The Dream

I was at a friend's house relaxing alone in his bed! In comes this heavy-set man, dressed in fly fishing gear, with a newspaper under one arm, devouring a can of Pringles (only about half the chips actually end up in his mouth). He sort of talks in this semi-gruff Chris Farley-ish voice. "Scootch over and make room for pops!"

I was like, "ewww". In real life this man resembles my friend's dad no more than I do. At any rate this was supposedly his father in the dream. Apparently he wanted to watch the TV in the bedroom. In order to distract myself, I take out a little piece of white paper and begin to fold it in half several times over until it is about 1 square inch. Then I take a pair of scissors and attempt to cut out the tiniest homemade paper snowflake the world has ever seen.

Soon, I am getting rather irritated by "Pops" who is continually chewing with his mouth open and getting Pringle crumbs all up in the bed. I decide I can't take it anymore. I leave the bedroom in search of my friend, who has apparently abandoned me to fend for myself. I pass the hallway bathroom - and the door is wide open - and there he is, on the John, with his pants down around his ankles, reading a magazine!!!

I tell him to hurry, that Pops is driving me crazy, and then I head downstairs to the kitchen in search of a drink, as I am suddenly parched. Dishes are everywhere, though they appear to be clean. And even weirder, the counter tops are covered with baby bottles. My friend doesn't even have any babies. I yell up to him and inquire about the bottles, and he responds something about feeding the baby animals. Not only does my friend not have babies, he doesn't like animals. Well, not that he doesn't like animals, he just doesn't have a need for any pets in his life. I decide that the dishes need to be put away, and if nothing else it will keep me away from piggish Pops. So, I end up cleaning the kitchen, and feeling like my work is never done.

So, there you have it - the dream that makes no sense. Dream Diagnosis Anyone?


okeydokeyifine said...

One could try to analyze this in many ways. Here are a few possibilities....One- Pops eating so fast that not all chips enter into mouth could mean that things are moving too fast for comfort. Kitchen dishes and bottles means that he accepts children and know that you are organized to keep everyone and everything in its place (in your heart). Toilet guy may mean that you feel comfortable with closeness. And if the dream made you feel uncomfortable it is trying to tell you something. But if the dream left you with an okay feeling it may be trying to tell you something.
Two- Pops may be trying to close the deal. Toilet guy may be trying to repulse you. Kitchen may mean more is required then what you anticipate.
Three- You ate chip or crackers in bed and one was scratching your leg. You had a mountain of work ahead of you. You ate so much that you had to go to the bathroom.
Four- Just a stupid dream.

Amy said...

I vote for I wish I could remember my dreams so vividly!

kanaboke said...

okeydokeyifine is AMAZING!! Joseph is that you? Anyhoo, the dream just seems to be a whole lot of weirdness all around...which tells me that....#4 is spot on! Anyhoo, for you to have a dream that weird you must think about this friend o' yours (and his family) A LOT! :)

greenolive said...

So did Pops even offer you any chips?

EmmaP said...

just so everyone is clear....there is NO POPS in real life!!! I have no idea who this person would be.

I do, however, like the fact that my friend and I are talking while he is on the John could mean we are comfortable with each other.

The dream did not make me feel uncomfortable.

I always have a lot to do and sometimes I feel like things are chaotic. Perhaps this is what the bottles mean.

No clue about the stupid snowflake...

And No, Greenolive, Pops did not offer me any chips. Though not sure I would've accepted anyway. Who knows where his hands have been...... ewww!

greenolive said...

I like the fact that he was on the john too. It means he didn't really abandon you or anything. He just had some "business" he had to take care of.
I was thinking about the bottles too. I think the fact that they were clean means that he can already take care of himself but the fact that they weren't put away shows he needs a women's touch.
Okay so the snowflake was my favorite part because you were putting so much effort into making that teeny tiny snowflake, which is a totally pointless activity. But you would rather waste time doing that than deal with Pops. Now we just need to figure out what Pops is. He's obviously something that annoys you very much but he is something that you can't just get rid of. I mean in the dream he was a relative. So it has to be something that is undesirable that you have to deal with from time to time. Maybe he's just stupid people. I don't know. I couldn't figure that one out. But thanks for letting us all put our two cents in about your dream. It's fun.

EmmaP said...

oooh.. good one, greenolive. I was just thinking about the whole abandonment thing too. perhaps i am worried that if the guy on the john leaves, i'll be stuck with people like "pops". ewww.

maybe the snowflake means i worry too much about the "small stuff".

hmmm...very interesting...

Mel and Byde said...

Okay, hilarious! I can't believe you can remember detail like that...I can barely remember I even had a dream. This one was crazy though...what did you have for dinner...maybe it was something you ate :)