Sunday, July 6, 2008


So, this weekend was the AFA Convention, and HatDude and I both decided it would be good for us to participate (more prospecting opportunities). We each had our own itineraries and agendas, but hopefully we were both satisfied with the results. Plus it meant Road Trip!!!

In preparation for my journey to Idaho Falls, I laid the ground work for an awesome concert by downloading tons of new iTunes on my iPod. Interesting how certain music triggers certain memories. I had this discussion with several dudes this weekend.

ITGuy said he listened to a little country when his old girlfriend was into it. But they have since broken up. I told him that I consider most Country Music to be an Oxymoron! He agreed and said he couldn't listen to it anymore because of the bad memories associated with it. Oh--and then he followed that statement by saying, "Bleh!"

Sergeant Dude told me that he listens to some Old Country, because it reminds him of when he would spend time with his grandfather. For him it triggers good memories.

Hat Dude and I were discussing the entire music thing all together. I told him that I love to sing and give my best concerts while driving in the car. He agreed. Hat Dude says the best thing about Road Trip Performances is that you can sing as loud as you want, and if for some reason you can't hit the high notes, no one cares, cuz they can't hear you. True. It is a "silent" concert for all of the outsiders looking in.

Once someone told me he didn't ever have the need to hear me sing again. Looking back all I can say to that is "Jerk Face!" At the time it sort of gave me a complex. I stopped singing solos, and stuck to group performances. However, over time, I realized that it doesn't matter what one person- one JerkFace thinks. I love music. I love to sing. I love listening to music.

My taste is sort of eclectic. I enjoy some of the older stuff, like America, Simon & Garfunkel, Chicago, etc. It reminds me of my childhood or stuff that my mom might have had on the radio. I listen to some Celtic Music, because it reminds me of my father. It can also be very addicting, by the way. Sentimental triggers.

I can even remember the first song I heard on the radio, on the very first stereo I had in my room. I think I got the stereo in 3rd grade. The song was "Totally Eclipse of the Heart", by Juice Newton. Whenever I hear that song, it immediately takes me back to my bedroom in the Bristol house, with the red, yellow, and blue flower wallpaper. I am sitting on my twin bed, my older sis on the opposite bed. Lazy days. Good memories. Good trigger.

When I hear the song, "Lady in Red", I am immediately taken back to a certain dance at a certain church Youth Conference, and I am dancing with a certain dude. Nice memory. Nice Trigger.

There are certain songs that remind me of the births and baby stages of each of my children. Songs that I sang to them or rocked them to sleep with. Best-ever triggers.

Sadly enough, there are also some not-so-good triggers. Mostly one genre of music, so that is the music I stay away from.

Another not-so-good trigger..."Theme from St. Elmo's Fire". Reminds me of this guy in high school, whom I shall refer to as "Where's Waldo" cuz that is who he reminds me of. Anyway, he apparently had this huge crush on me. He overheard me once say that I liked that song. Not only did he buy me the sheet music, and make a "Love Songs After Dark" dedication on U93 FM, but Where's Waldo also made me a mixed tape!!! Ugh!

In college, Romeo Boy showered me with much UN-wanted affection. He even went as far to serenade me on a very out-of-tune guitar, underneath my dorm room window one night, after quiet hours of course. So, not only was the entire north wing of the dorm irritated, but Romeo Boy ruined the song, "More than Words" for me. Not-so-good Trigger.

One more song was ruined because of another college experience. A roommate told me about "stuff" that she and her boyfriend did while he sang a certain song to her. (Double Bleh!) It's too hideous to blog about, and I might be able to tell you in person, but I'll have to make sure that my bladder is empty first. And there is no guarantee that you will understand me through my quiet-gasping-for-air laughter.

So, now new memories have been made with new trigger songs. I listened to certain songs on my way to and from Idaho Falls. And as I told Hat Dude, this was my best performance ever. I love it when cars pass by and see me singing my heart out. Even better if they are on their cell phone. One look at their face, and you know that they are relaying this experience to the person on the other end of their call.

So, I am singing my heart out, and this vehicle is in the adjacent lane. Two dudes, in a white Sequoia are in the front seats. I can tell they are enjoying the "silent" concert. I look over and smile, while I am singing. Both Sequoia Dudes smile back, and the one in the passenger side initiates a "toodles"-type wave. They kept the same speed with me through the duration of the song, until they realized I was changing lanes to take my exit. I think I definitely made their day.

Here's to Good Music, and Triggers! And if you like to sing, no matter how good or bad, say "Screw You" to all of the "Jerk Faces" out there, and sing your heart out, baby!


Mel and Byde said...

That's right, screw the JF's! Sing like no one's listening:)

greenolive said...

Emma what emotion is triggered when I say, 'You'll Never Walk Alone'?

EmmaP said...

hahaha. i am wondering why you ask that. if you really wanna know, when you say that, I picture the musical in was in during High School and Brian Kozlowski singing on stage. (hmmm...backstage during rehearsals...good memories...good trigger)

pinkelephant said...

Your post reminded me of my friend who likes to cry outloud while driving. One time she was stopped by a police car. She told him she had a bad stomach ache(lie of course)then he escorted her home! I would LOVE to be at the silent concert sometimes. I will happen to drive by you one of these days. Maybe?? HA!

greenolive said...

That song will forever be ruined in my mind because of Aunt Louise's a cappella rendition where it kept getting higher and higher. That's good that you were able to have a good trigger to it because mine is probably a vomit trigger.

tinabean1988 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog it's nice to kinda meet someone that Jer is working with.

EmmaP said...
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