Monday, June 16, 2008

How Can I Be

Reminds me of when I lived in Hawaii. Love this song. It'd be nice for my kids' mission farewells. Enjoy.


How can I be like my brother Nephi?
and My father Lehi of old?
How can I be like Captain Moroni
and the wars that were told?

How can I be forever
Like the promise to the three Nephites?
I wanna be Samuel the Lamanite
I wanna be Benjamin the Wise
I wanna be like Abinidi
Oh tell me how can I be like them?
Ooh...  Ooh...

How can I be like Alma the Younger,
Strong servant of the Lord?
How can I be like Mighty Ammon,
Whose heart was his sword?

How can I be a stripling warrior,
And learn to fight by faith?
I wanna be Samuel the Lamanite
I wanna be Benjamin the Wise
I wanna be like Abinidi
Oh tell me how can I be like them?
Ooh...  Ooh...

How can I be (How can I be?) like my brother Joseph,
When he prayed in the grove of trees?
How can I have (How can I have?) the strength that he had
and the love he had for God?

How can I be courageous
and strive to choose the right?
I wanna be Samuel the Lamanite.
I wanna be Benjamin the Wise.
I wanna be like Abinidi.
I wanna be like Jesus Christ
Oh tell me how can I be like Him?
Oh tell me how can I be like Him?

Ooh...  Ooh...


ann said...

I love this thanks for sharing!!!!

Mel and Byde said...
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Mel and Byde said...

Emma-That is awesome! Do you know them? Thanks for sharing it. They Young Men should sing that in Sacrament Meeting. Why don't you take that on, you need one more thing on your plate:)

Hope all goes well today, thinking about you!

kanaboke said...

yay for Poly's "poly-fying" such a wonderful song..and Yay for you for posting this up on your Blog!

Laura said...

That's great. ^^ haha. I really like that song, I just keep listening to it over and over...but then I have to keep backing up while I wait for my "slower than cold tar in the middle of a blizzard going up hill" computer to load a few seconds of it... ^^ thank you

Kaden said...

This is an awesome song! I absolutely love it! I actually just came back from Hawaii and this song definitely brings back some good memories of that place =)

Mark Ryan G. Deriada. said...

This is a wonderful song, when I first listened to it, I said, that it was a good way to be reminded what we need to be. What manner of men ye ought to be? Jesus said: "Even as I am"

Marina said...

Thanks for sharing these lyrics. I was with the sisters missionnaries of my stake and when I heard that song I just found it "wonderful".

worldexplorer said...

Thanks for sharing! The first time I heard this song was while I was in the MTC. We listened to it all the time! Great memories.

lee woo said...

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